24 Feb 2021

FIFA 21 Carniball: Release Date, Predictions, Latest News, Card Designs, Content And Everything You Need To Know

Carniball was an event that was released back in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team but wasn’t included in last years’ edition of the game.

While we're still waiting for an update on what's happening to Winter Refresh, could we see EA skip it altogether?

New evidence suggests this unique promo could be taking its place.

We've also heard plenty of talk about Shapeshifters taking the spotlight too.

With Carniball assets appearing to have been added to the FUT code, could we be seeing a return of the South-American party promo in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team?

Here's what we know about Carniball in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team:

Latest News

Carniball Coming This Week? - 24th February

FIFA Mobile has revealed the return of Carniball - which means it could return in FUT?

The promo was absent from FIFA 20 and with no current active promo live in FUT, it could be that this is what awaits us.

We're all a bit surprised if EA decided to skip Winter Refresh - despite this year's January Transfer Window being less exciting, there were still some opportunities to make a big deal of it.

Carniball Returns? - 24th February

As we can see from the screenshot below, at the bottom of the list we can see coding added for Carniball assets, alongside the Future Stars assets that have obviously been released over the past week.

Could this mean that Carniball is one of the next promotions after Future Stars?

Here’s all the info regarding the event, ranging from the Carniball team, expected release dates, potential card designs, content and everything you need to know to get prepared for the promotion.

Carniball Release Date

Seeing as Carniball wasn’t released in FUT 20, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when it could arrive this year. 

In FIFA 19, the event started on March 8th, running for a week until March 15th, coinciding with a number of world-famous Carnivals held across the globe around the same time.

This year, with Carnivals scheduled to take place throughout the final weeks of February and into March, it’s very possible that we see a Carniball promotion starting as early as Friday 19th February, running for 2 weeks until Friday 5th March.

It’s very possible that Carniball could be the next promotion in line for FUT, or we could see a return of Shapeshifters from last year, that would obviously push the event back a couple of weeks.

Carniball Card Design

So far, we haven’t had any official Carniball card designs through, however we’ve had some awesome concepts drawn up, and this is what the Carniball card could look like in FUT 21! 

Twitter user @FutIconOK designed this Carniball card based on the Carniball kit that was present in the FIFA 21 code.

Carniball Squads

The biggest draw from the Carniball promotion will be the squad(s) of Carniball players that will be released into packs throughout the course of the event.

The Carniball squads, if following the same pattern from FIFA 19, will be comprised of players from each of the eight major Carnival countries: Brazil (Rio De Janeiro), France (Nice), Belgium (Binche), Italy (Venice), Argentina (Buenos Aires), USA (New Orleans), Spain (Cadiz) and Germany (Cologne).

The boosts to these players will be increased, reflecting their style of play, with position changes, skill move and weak foot upgrades and individual stat boosts likely!

Other Expected Carniball Content

When Carniball debuted back in FIFA 19, it was a pretty pack heavy promo, so don’t be surprised if it’s heavily centred around pack sales, so don’t be too surprised if this is a pretty pack heavy event. Nevertheless, we can expect a fair bit of non-pack content, including:

  • Carniball & Flashback Player SBCs
  • Upgrade & Pack SBCs
  • FUT Birthday Objectives
  • Promo Packs

Carniball, Player Moments & Flashback Player SBCs

As is the case with most promos, expect to see some player SBCs included throughout, with Carniball, Player Moments and Flashback SBCs released.

Upgrade & Pack SBCs

Definitely expect upgrades to return for Carniball in FUT 21, with things like the 2x81+, 82-88, 83+ and 80+ Player Picks returning. 

Furthermore, expect some pack SBCs themed around the Carniball nations for kits and packs.

Carniball Objectives

As is the case with all promotions, look out for objectives themed around Carniball, for both players, packs and other items.

Promo Packs

Promo Packs will also be a staple of the event, with lightning rounds at peak times around the release of the Carniball squads, and daily store refreshes of high-value packs.