FIFA League Cup Playoffs - It's time!

After a hard campaign in our FIFA leagues, we've sorted the men from the boys and it's time to embark upon our play-off cup season to see who will take home the cash prizes? With the top two teams from each division making it through to our play-off cups, it's going to be the ultimate test of skill for the participating teams, but one with a huge reward if they can defeat their rivals. Want to know the prize breakdown?

Each cup has the same prize structure as follows:£300 - 1st place£250 - 2nd place£200 - 3rd place£150 - 4th place   £50 - 5th place/8th place The play-off cups all take part the week beginning Monday 6th October, all participants have been added to the cups but are still expected to check-in for the cup, failure to do so will result in removal from the cup. The full schedule of cups is below, click the links for more details on start times/check-in times:Xbox 360 Singles League Cup  (6th October)Xbox One Singles League Cup  (9th October)Xbox 360 Ultimate Team League Cup (10th October)Xbox One Pro Clubs League Cup (11th October)Xbox 360 Pro Clubs League Cup (12th October) Good luck to all teams/players taking part!

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