FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: Who To Snipe, How To Snipe And What Is It? - The Best Players To Make Profit In FUT 21

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FIFA 21's Web App and Early Access are going live this week and as everyone gets ready to enjoy another season of FUT, you may be wanting to know what you can do to get ahead of the pack.

Coins can be tough to earn in the opening stages of the game, especially without the full game in front of you.


But traders have instilled all sorts of tricks on the market to get the most out of it including 'Sniping'.

Sniping is a handy technique that can quickly make up a lot of coins if you have the time; with TOTW 1 also launching this week, it could be a great time to learn this technique!

Here's how to snipe and who you should snipe in FIFA 21.

What Is Sniping?

When players refer to 'sniping' it means buying players in FUT that are cheaper than their actual market value; ultimately leading to you selling them for a much higher price.

This is done by finding a player with a much lower 'Buy It Now' (BIN) option that has been listed by an uninformed or less-experienced player. But, with the nature of fiddly buttons and fat thumbs, it's easy for even the most experienced player to list something for the wrong price.

It can be a time-consuming task and a tedious one if you're not as patient, but in the long run, can massively benefit your coin total.


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ON TARGET: Sniping requires a lot of patience but it's so worth it in the end

How To Snipe In FIFA 21

First off, we recommend using the Web App for this to beat out the competition that may be playing on console or using the mobile app.

It's also good to be aware that coin selling bots patrol the market and are programmed to do what you're currently doing. So you will have to be relentless and fast.

This method does require a good degree of luck and timing - here are some things to remember:

  • Look for Gold quality players with a buy now price range set
  • Use search filters to hone in on a specific player or set of players
  • Some players will list a player with the recommended BIN, so if you set your parameters to this number you'll filter out the unwanted cards
  • Alternatively, set the price points a few hundred or thousand below the lowest listed BIN price

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Who To Snipe In FIFA 21

Here are the best players to snipe early on in FIFA 21:

  • Richarlison - 10k
  • Diego Carlos - 10k
  • Willian - 10k
  • Douglas Costa - 15k
  • Klostermann - 10k
  • Bergwijn - 20k
  • Hakimi - 15k
  • Theo Hernandez - 10k
  • Carrasco - 10k
  • Zakaria - 10k
  • Laimer - 10k
  • Martial - 60k
  • Saint-Maximin - 10k
  • Promes - 10k
  • Llorente - 10k
  • Jesus Navas - 10k
  • Wan-Bissaka - 20k
  • Kane - 60k
  • Reguilon - 10k
  • Portu - 10k
  • Rodrigo - 10k
  • Joao Felix - 10k
  • Vidal - 10k

FOCUS: Concentrate on one player to make a profit or try your hand at trading consumables!

These players have very low BIN prices and will quickly become extinct, so it's a good idea to secure these where you can and sell at a higher range once the game launches and more coins can be injected into the game.

Here are some popular filters from FIFA 20 you can try:

  • Quality: Gold. Position: RB. League: Premier League. Purchase buy now: 500/650
  • Quality: Gold. Position: CB. League: Serie A. Purchase buy now: 500/600
  • Quality: Gold. Position: RM. Country: Argentina. Purchase cost: 650/950
  • Quality: Gold. Position: RM. Country: Brazil. Purchase cost: 1000/1500
  • Quality: Position: RW. League: Premier League. value: 600/850.
  • Quality: Position: RB. League: Premier League. value: 600/850.