FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: New FUT Menu, Menu Navigation And Everything We Know

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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team is getting a fresh new look for the new season, with the menus and menu design getting a complete overhaul to a darker, more streamlined system it would seem.

Here are all the new menu features coming to FUT 21, as well as all the menu navigation information!


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A More Streamlined User Interface

In FUT 21, the User Interface has been streamlined significantly, going from 7 tabs in FUT 20 down to just 5 in FUT 21, with News, Objectives, Play, Transfers and Store being the key options.

For the eagle-eyed FUT veterans, the Squads and My Club tabs have been removed for FUT 21 in favour of new navigation options.

From our experience, the new menus seem to be far quicker to navigate with fewer options to scroll through, and all the major club management tools are easily accessible.


Darker Colour Selections

Something that’s been requested for a number of years now is a move away from FUT’s notoriously bright menus. Last year we saw the rather bright and punchy white and pink combination, however, in FUT 21, the menus take a more eye-friendly approach, with much softer purples, blues and greys.

Easy Access FUT Stadium & Squad Sections

It seems EA are really trying to push the FUT Stadium customisation aspect, as well as making it easier to manage your squads in FUT 21, with a new left-stick flick navigation system that allows you to navigate to either section from anywhere within the FUT menus.

Left Stick Up - Navigates to FUT StadiumLeft Stick Down - Navigates to Current Squad

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The New FUT Menu Tabs

With the new FUT Menu layout, there are a couple of new additions and changes to the FUT 21 Menu tabs, here’s all the information!


This News tab will be the first thing that you see upon loading into FUT 21 every login, and will be very useful, displaying:

  • New promotions/team drops
  • New SBCs
  • Any rewards that need to be claimed
  • Any notifications regarding maintenance

Upon clicking into News, you'll be able to find more specific news pertaining to Your Messages, Game Updates, Item Releases, Tutorials and Competition News.


For those familiar with the FUT 20 Objectives menu, this tab will look very similar for the most part, with the following all available to view.

  • Season Progress
  • Season Objectives
  • Milestones
  • Foundations

The new addition to this section, however, is the new FUT Events that will be displayed here, either as Team Events or Community Events. Here you’ll be able to view all the rewards and XP needed, as well as the objectives you’ll need to complete to participate in these new FUT Events.


This is the main hub for all things gameplay and SBC themed now, instead of having them split across 3 tabs in FUT 20. The Play tab will allow you to access:

  • Squad Battles
  • Division Rivals
  • FUT Champions
  • Squad Building Challenges
  • Friendlies
  • Online Draft
  • Single Player Draft

While we would have preferred to have had the SBC section a little more accessible, having all of the various modes in one place certainly makes for a more streamlined menu experience.


Once again, this section will be very familiar to those that have played FUT before, with the familiar inclusions of:

  • Transfer Market
  • Transfer List
  • Transfer Targets

It’s worth mentioning some great new quality of life improvements in this area though, with the new Quality filter that was added in the back end of FIFA 20 allowing players to select specific card types.

Furthermore, on the Transfer List, players can now manually add players, consumables and other items to the transfer list from the club without having to go into other areas of the menus.

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Once again, this will be very familiar to veteran FUT players, with the store offering a number of packs that can be purchased with coins or FIFA Points.

More Options

More Options appears to replace the ‘My Club’ tabs from past FIFAs, and incorporates some of the stat tracking options, as well as some of the more social broadcast options.

  • Leaderboards - Allows players to view their transfer profit, match earnings, highest rated squad etc.
  • Player Stats
  • Live from Playstation/Xbox Live - Watch broadcasts, videos and screenshots from around the world
  • Delete Club