FIFA 20 Summer Heat Objective: How To Unlock 93 Ferland Mendy FAST

Summer Heat has kicked off in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, with an incredible, upgradeable Ferland Mendy Summer Heat Fan Favourite Objective! 

Being one of the best LBs on offer this year, you’ll definitely want to get this one done, so here are all the objectives you’ll need to complete to obtain all 3 versions of Mendy, along with his final, Premium Summer Heat 93 rated item.

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Summer Heat Objective - Ferland Mendy - 93 LB

Inspired by his massively popular FUTMAS item, 93 Summer Heat Fan Favourite Ferland Mendy is available in Season Objectives for the next 30 days, expiring on Friday July 17th.

Objectives List

  • Rival 5: Win 5 Rivals matches to earn 85 OVR FUTMAS Mendy
  • Skilled Footing: Score in 3 separate Rivals matches using players with min 4* Skills and 5* Weak Foot with 85 OVR FUTMAS Mendy in your starting squad.
  • La Liga Lineup: Play 10 Rivals matches with 85 OVR FUTMAS Mendy and min 6 La Liga players in your starting squad to earn 87 OVR Summer Heat Mendy.
  • Curated Crossing: Assist with a Cross using 87 OVR Summer Heat Mendy in 3 separate Rivals matches.
  • Ferland Force: Score an Outside of the Box goal in 2 separate Rivals matches using French Players with min 4* Skill Moves and 5* Weak Foot using 87 OVR Summer Heat Mendy in your starting squad.
  • French Formation: Play 12 Rivals matches with 87 OVR Summer Heat Mendy and min 6. French players in your starting squad, to earn 89 OVR Summer Heat Mendy with improved 5* Skill Moves.
  • Winning Wing-Back: Score using 89 OVR Summer Heat Mendy in 4 Rivals wins.
  • Clean Sheet Success: Keep a Clean Sheet and win by a goal difference of a least 2 goals in a Rivals win, with 89 OVR Summer Heat Mendy in your starting squad.
  • Maestro Mendy: Assist using 89 OVR Summer Heat Mendy in 10 separate Rivals wins.


Best Players, Tactics And Tips To Complete This Objective Fast

When building a team around Mendy, you'll need to focus on French and La Liga players for linking to Mendy, as well as quickly completing a few objectives.

The Skilled Footing, La Liga Lineup and French Formation objectives can be completed using French La Liga players that have 4 skills and a 5* weak foot such as FUT Birthday Griezmann, FUT Birthday Thomas Lemar and any version of Ousmane Dembele.

Other notable French La Liga players worth using are Karim Benzema and Nabil Fekir - although they will not complete the Skilled Footing objective.

To complete the assist and crossing objectives, such as Curated Crossing and Maestro Mendy, we recommend playing him as a left-winger to bomb down the flank and look to play passes or crosses to play charging into the box.

It's also possible to complete the Winning Wing-Back objective using him in this position or swap him to right-wing so he can cut inside on his left foot. Or play some early crosses in and have him slot home at the back post.

Due to his rapid pace and low shooting ability, we would advise using the Deadeye chemistry style to help lift his shooting and passing to complete the corresponding objectives.

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