FIFA 20 Saudi League TOTS So Far: How To Unlock Romarinho Objective And The Best Players To Use

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The Saudi Professional League has been added to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team as the latest Team of the Season So Far team, it’s time to go through the top players you should look at picking up for your team, as well as the latest objective player in FUT!

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Saudi League TOTSSF - Top 3 Players To Try Out

With 11 new players released into FUT 20 from the Saudi Professional League TOTSSF, here are the top 3 players that you should try out!


Anselmo - 90 CDM

One of the top players in the league, and a very well rounded defensive midfielder, Anselmo looks to be a solid addition to a team.


With perfect workrates for a CDM, as well as 95 short passing, 93 long passing, 91 defensive awareness, 96 standing tackling and 96 strength, along with solid 87 acceleration, 91 agility and 93 balance, Anselmo looks to be a solid meta CDM if you can fit him into your team!

With good Brazilian links in the Saudi League to the likes of 89 Romarinho (available in objectives, read below to see how to complete him), 88 Petros, 87 Carlos Eduardo and 87 Maicon, he’s relatively easy to fit into teams.

Target Buy Prices: PS4 - 90,000 | Xbox: 70,000 | PC - 100,000


Abderrazak Hamdallah - 92 ST

With an unreal card, Hamdallah is easily the best out and out striker in the Saudi League TOTS squad, with that 95 shooting, 92 pace and 89 physical combination.


Starting off with his shooting, he has 99 Positioning and 99 Finishing, along with 93 Shot Power and 91 Volleys. When coupled with his 96 Composure, 96 Agility, 93 Reactions and 94 Ball Control, there’s no reason why Hamdallah can’t be utilised as one of the better strikers in FUT in and around the box. A major addition to this card is his physical presence, with 94 Jumping and 91 Strength making him even harder to push off the ball when turning quickly with his high dribbling stats.

Target Buy Prices: PS4 - 80,000 | Xbox: 75,000 | PC - 90,000


Sebastian Giovinco - 92 CF

Easily the best player in the Saudi League TOTSSF squad, Sebastian Giovinco looks set to be one of the best dribblers in FUT this year, with 98 Dribbling, and his 5’4” build with a very low centre of gravity being key factors.


Expanding upon his dribbling, Giovinco has 99 Agility and 99 Balance, which will already make him one of the quickest turning players in the game, as well as 96 Ball Control and 96 Dribbling. His shooting isn’t half bad either, with 97 Positioning and 91 Finishing, along with 94 Shot Power and 95 Long Shots.

While the meta strong links are slightly limited in the Saudi League, with 89 Gomis and 87 Carlos Eduardo being the only key options, for those with Italian icons in their team, consider getting Giovinco into your setup.

Target Buy Prices: PS4 - 375,000 | Xbox: 350,000 | PC - 400,000


Saudi League TOTSSF Season Objective - 89 Romarinho

Celebrating his inclusion in the Saudi League TOTSSF, Romarinho is available in Season Objectives until 6pm on Monday, March 11th.

Objectives List
  • Saudi Pro Scorer: Score in 3 separate Rivals or Squad Battles (min. Professional Difficulty) matches using Saudi Pro League players.
  • Pacey Poacher: Score 2 goals in 2 separate Rivals or Squad Battles (min. World Class Difficulty) matches using players with min. 85 pace.
  • Skillful Setup: Assist a goal in 3 separate Rivals matches using players with min 4* Skill Moves.
  • Samba in Saudi: Score and Assist in 4 Rivals wins using Brazilian players.

With multiple objectives to complete in Rivals, in order to complete this in the quickest time possible, the best idea would be to rock your best team if possible, subbing some of the players below that complete multiple objectives.

Below you can find some recommendations of players to use in your team, or sub on into your starting 11 to get objectives completed.

  • Romarinho: Completes ALL Objectives
  • Ibrahima Tandia: Completes Saudi Pro Scorer, Pacey Poacher and Skillful Setup
  • Lucas Moura: Completes Pacey Poacher, Skillful Setup and Samba in Saudi.
  • Gabriel Jesus: Completes Pacey Poacher, Skillful Setup and Samba in Saudi.