FIFA 20 FUT Birthday: What FUT Birthday SBCs Will Be In FIFA 20?

FUT Birthday is our next FIFA 20 Ultimate Team promotional event and it's always on of the most creative events of the year.

To celebrate the 11th anniversary of FUT, EA will be rewarding players with new content in the form of a FUT Birthday squad, SBCs, objectives and more.

What SBCs will the game offer? Here's what we know.

What SBCs Will Be In FUT Birthday For FIFA 20?

As seen in a number of promotions of late, expect to see some Flashback and Player Moments SBCs dropped during this year's FUT Birthday.

Last year we saw a number of these cards released as FUT Anniversary themed items, being ‘memorable players whose in-game performance earned them special status in the community.’

These players included Flashback David Villa, Arturo Vidal, Alexander Esswein, Seydou Doumbia and Nani.


We also saw the release of a 93 rated End of an Era Arjen Robben card, following his announcement of retirement.

A feature of most promotions, expect there to be some pack SBCs to be dropped, allowing players to obtain some decent packs for cheap.

Last year we saw a handful of FUT Birthday themed SBCs, themed around popular players from previous editions of FUT.

With most of the promotions this year, we’ve seen a number of repeatable SBCs being released, to give players the opportunity to pack some of the new players released into packs.

FUT Birthday shouldn’t be any different, expect 81+ SBCs, 82-88 rated SBCs, and potentially 83+ rated SBCs.

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