FIFA 20 FUT Birthday: Loyalty Login Rewards

FUT Birthday will be the next featured promo event for FIFA 20 Ultimate Team promotional event and it's always on of the most creative events of the year.

To celebrate the 11th anniversary of FUT, EA will be rewarding players with new content in the form of a FUT Birthday squad, SBCs, objectives and more.

Will there be loyalty and login rewards? What are they? Here's what we know.

What Loyalty Login Rewards Are In FUT Birthday?

It's unknown what this yeare will bring but, during previous FUT Birthday promotions, EA has rewarded it’s most loyal FUT players throughout the year with varying tiers of login rewards, with players that logged in more receiving greater prizes.

Last year’s login rewards in FUT 19 included:

  • 1-8 Days Played - 1 FUT Birthday Kit
  • 9-55 Days Played - 1 FUT Birthday Kit & 1 15K Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
  • 56-115 Days Played - 1 FUT Birthday Kit & 1 45K Prime Gold Players Pack
  • 116 - 162 Days Played - 1 FUT Birthday Kit & 1 55K Rare Mega Pack
  • 163+ Days Played - 1 FUT Birthday Kit & 1 125K Ultimate Pack
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