FIFA 20 TOTW Moments Week 28 Squad Revealed!

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With the next TOTW Moments squad set to be released this Wednesday in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, in place of the regular TOTW releases, it’s time to look at some predictions for the squad of players that may be coming soon in FUT. 

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TOTW Moments 28

TOTW Moments Info - What Do We Know? 

Here is all the info we currently have on TOTW Moments.

  • We know that TOTW Moments are full releases of historical TOTW squads from previous FUT titles. It is unclear however whether the squads released going forward will be random selections or consecutive releases, i.e. TOTW 28, then TOTW 29 etc.
  • We know that TOTW Moments items replace TOTW in all aspects of FUT, starting from Wednesday March 18th, be it in rewards, packs, SBC requirements and FUT Objectives.
  • We know that TOTW Moments upgrades apply to the FUT 20 upgrade system, meaning that ratings/stats/teams do not carry over from past FUT titles into FUT 20.
  • We know that dynamic items such as OTW/Headliners in FUT 20 all upgrade should the player receive a TOTW Moments item.


TOTW Moments 28 Prediction

With last week’s TOTW Moments release effectively being TOTW 27 of the FUT 20 calendar, this coming Wednesday will see the release of the TOTW Moments 28 squad.


After last week saw the re-release of TOTW 28 from FUT 18, many people are speculating that we may see a release of TOTW 29 for this week, leading many people to scour through previous TOTW 29s for potential predictions. 

Having looked through past TOTW 29s, I believe FUT 18s release could be a very good option, with it allowing for Headliner upgrades to Dele Alli, Robert Lewandowski, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Luis Alberto.

So let’s look at how this will be released in FUT 20:

As you can see, we could potentially see a number of Headliner upgrades occurring if TOTW 29 from FUT 18 is selected, with players like Perisic and Khedira receiving their first In-Form equivalent upgrades of the year. 


Some players from FUT18’s TOTW 29 won’t feature in FUT20, as they’re not in the database, however the main names will make it into the squad!