FIFA 20 Team of the Season So Far: Squad Release Dates & Schedule

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Team of the Season So Far is only 1 day away in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, arriving tomorrow at 6pm UK.

With all of the 16 TOTSSF squads being confirmed via a loading screen, we can begin to look at when we can be expecting various squads to drop in FUT.

Here are all the Team of the Season So Far squads we’ll be seeing in FUT 20, along with the predicted release dates for each, along with links to all of our predictions so far.

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Confirmed Team of the Season So Far Squads

As confirmed on Tuesday evening, the 16 confirmed Team of the Season So Far squads, to be released over the next 6-8 weeks in FUT, are as follows:

  1. Community Vote
  2. Football League (Championship, League 1 & League 2)
  3. Premier League
  4. Bundesliga
  5. La Liga
  6. Serie A
  7. Ligue 1
  8. Saudi Professional League
  9. Liga NOS
  10. Super Lig
  11. Eredivisie
  12. Latin America TOTS
  13. Chinese Super League
  14. MLS 
  15. Rest of the World TOTS 
  16. Ultimate TOTS


Team of the Season So Far Schedule

With the promotion lasting 8 weeks, starting tomorrow on Friday April 24th, 2 TOTSSF squads will be released every week, with a major league, and an accompanying smaller league being released into packs, as well as the following set of Weekend League rewards. Each team will likely be available for 7 days, before leaving packs.

Here is the predicted schedule for FIFA 20 Team of the Season So Far, as well as links to all of the predicted squads we’ve done so far.

April 24th - May 1st

  • Community Voted 
  • Football League 

May 1st - May 8th

  • Premier League 
  • Saudi League 

May 8th - May 15th

  • Bundesliga 
  • Liga NOS

May 15th - May 22nd

  • La Liga
  • Super Lig

May 22nd - May 29th

  • Serie A
  • Eredivisie

May 29th - June 5th

  • Ligue 1
  • Latin America TOTSSF

June 5th - June 12th

  • Chinese Super League
  • MLS

June 12th - June 19th

  • Ultimate TOTSSF
  • Rest of the World TOTSSF

The reason we’ll have two leagues released at once is to have a slight control on the rewards obtainable via Weekend League player picks.

With only 1 guaranteed major league TOTS from Gold 2 rewards and above, it’s highly likely that players will pack lower league TOTSSF card instead of the more expensive, desirable cards from the major leagues. 

That being said, we’re in for a solid 8 weeks of content!