FIFA 20 Shapeshifters Predictions: Predicted Players & How Shapeshifter Cards will Work

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New for this year, the Shapeshifters promotion has been announced in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, and drops later today!

Before the 6pm madness begins, let’s take a look at some predictions around how the new Shapeshifter cards will be released and selected, as well as some potential players based off clues dropped in the FUT loading screen.

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How will Shapeshifters work?

Being a new promotion, it’s somewhat unclear as to how exactly the Shapeshifter cards will work, however, we can predict a good amount.

What we do know, is that the Shapeshifters promo is very likely to feature a selection of players with game-changing position changes (“shapeshifting” into new roles etc). Examples may include STs to LWs/RWs, CBs to CDMs/RBs/LBs or even a potential LB to CAM conversion.

To match the new position changes, expect cards to receive big, “shapeshifting” stat upgrades that may alter the meta of Ultimate team considerably!

Will Shapeshifters be Dynamic Items?

Given the name “Shapeshifter,” many are expecting these items to be dynamic, in that they will update throughout the remainder of the game cycle, be it through changes in positions or stats.

Personally, I DO NOT think Shapeshifters cards will be dynamic items that update going forward. I’d expect this promotion to feature a squad of cards with interesting position changes and stat boosts, that remain the same for the rest of the year.

There is a tonne of dynamic items already in FUT, and given that we’re already in mid-late February, I think it’d be quite late to include a new dynamic card type into this FUT cycle.


Shapeshifters Player Predictions


EA has already been hinting at some players in their Shapeshifters promo loading screen in the FUT menus, with an 87 RW with 96 Pace and 93 Dribbling, a 91 Brazilian CAM and a 90 French RW being teased.

While there are a number of players that these could be, we’ve made a few predictions based on some tasty position changes we’d like to see.

91 Marcelo - CAM 

With 5* Skills, Marcelo would be a crazy good card to see further up the pitch, so the Shapeshifters promo would be the perfect chance for him to get that attacking card.

90 Lacazette - RW

With other speculated French RWs being thrown around, such as Wissam Ben Yedder, I think a Lacazette RW Shapeshifter item with increased Pace could be a really exciting item!

87 Zaha - RW

While there are a load of top RWs this year, there is a tonne of central players that could receive a RW card to add to the meta, and Wilfred Zaha is a prime example.

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Matt Thomas