FIFA 20 Winter Refresh: Start Date, Time And End Date For Winter Upgrades In Ultimate Team

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The January transfer window is shut, and that means the Ratings Refresh is next up in the FIFA Ultimate Team calendar with players now having moved to fresh clubs.

It's also a chance for players to get an upgrade for their great performance this year.


What Is Ratings Refresh?

With all the excitement going on in recent weeks, Ratings Refresh (also knowns as the Winter Upgrades) will impact Ultimate Team and Head-to-Head, while it'll also update stats for Career Mode.

This Winter Refresh will see a number of player ratings adjusted to match their current form by increasing or decreasing their stats.

The great part about this period of the year is we'll also receive a fresh batch of Winter Ones To Watch cards - those unlucky enough not to get one will just get a regular card for their new club.


They might not sell for as much as some of the biggest cards in the game, but they could easily boost your coin balance if you grab one in your next pack.

It also means that if you invest wisely, previously released In-forms will get upgraded, making for great investments.


When Is Ratings Refresh?

If you're itching to spend your coins, we've got good news – the Ratings Refresh is due to kick off on Friday, February 14 at 6pm GMT.


Why spend Valentines Day with your loved one when you can be earning even better cards?

It'll probably finish on February 23, giving you ample time to hoover up the best players the game has to offer.

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