FIFA 20 FUT Birthday Team 2: All Confirmed Players & Weak Foot/Skill Moves Upgrades

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FUT Birthday Team 2 has arrived in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, with this 2nd team building on the first team that was released into packs earlier during the promotion.

Featuring another top selection of cards with Weak Foot and Skill Move upgrades, here’s all the information you’ll need!

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All Confirmed Players & Weak Foot/Skill Move Upgrades

Here are all of the confirmed players for Team 2 of the FIFA 20 FUT Birthday promotion, as well as all the upgrades to their skill moves, and/or weak foot.

Virgil Van Dijk - 93 CB

Upgrade: 3* Weak Foot > 5* Weak Foot

With Van Dijk being one of the most popular CB items this year in FUT, a boost from 3* Weak Foot to 5* Weak Foot is massively desired, allowing him to play out from the back with either foot.

Paul Pogba - 92 CM

Upgrade: 4* Weak Foot > 5* Weak Foot

A highly demanded item this year has been a Pogba special card, having been out for most of the season through injury. Now with a FUT Birthday item, he receives 5* Weak Foot to accompany his 5* Skill Moves, as well as some big stat boosts.

Gareth Bale - 91 RW

Upgrade: 3* Weak Foot > 5* Weak Foot

As predicted from the loading screen, Bale has burst into FUT Birthday Team 2 with an impressive FUT Birthday item with a 5* Weak Foot upgrade. With only having 3* previously, many looked away from the Welshman, however, he’s now one of the best La Liga wingers you can obtain.






Angel Di Maria - 91 RW

Upgrade: 2* Weak Foot > 5* Weak Foot

Di Maria has always lacked a quality right foot in FUT, and has ultimately led to him being underused in the game. Now with 5* WF, as well as very popular links to Mbappe and Neymar, expect him to feature in a tonne of Weekend League teams.

Alexandre Lacazette - 90 ST

Upgrade: 4* Weak Foot > 5* Weak Foot

Another Frenchman receiving his first upgrade of the year, Lacazette now features a 5* weak foot attacker, with impressive upgrades to his card stats. A very agile and technical striker, he can now terrorise defences by shooting on either side, a desirable quality to have in a striker.

Douglas Costa - 89 LM

Upgrade: 3* Weak Foot > 5* Weak Foot

Douglas Costa is always a very popular 5* skiller, due to his agility and pace, however, he now has the added bonus of a 5* Weak Foot. Slight concerns over his 75 Finishing for the price of the card, but still a top dribbler nevertheless.

Theo Hernandez - 88 LB

Upgrade: 3* Weak Foot > 4* Weak Foot & 3* Skill Moves > 5* Skill Moves 

Theo Hernandez receives an impressive double boost to both his WF & SM, and with a massive boost in stats, becomes one of the best LBs in the game currently. Definitely someone to keep an eye on!






Thomas Lemar - 87 LM

Upgrade: 2* Weak Foot > 5* Weak Foot

Another well-deserved upgrade here, making an unusable player usable with Thomas Lemar, a player that again, hasn’t received any other upgrades this year in FUT.

Danny Da Costa - 87 RWB

Upgrade: 3* Weak Foot > 4* Weak Foot & 3* Skill Moves > 5* Skill Moves

The 2nd double upgrade in this 2nd FUT Birthday team, sees us receive a top tier Bundesliga RB option, an area that has been lacking somewhat this year in FUT.

Kevin Lasagne - 86 ST

Upgrade: 3* Weak Foot > 5* Weak Foot & 3* Skill Moves > 4* Skill Moves

A really good double upgrade to a solid striker item in Serie A. With his electric pace, solid agility and top finishing stats, now with 5* Weak Foot, Lasagne looks to be a solid Serie A ST option.

Maximilian Eggestein - 86 CM

Upgrade: 3* Skill Moves > 5* Skill Moves

A big upgrade for Eggestein, going from 80>86, with all cards stats being 80 or higher, plus a boost to 5* skill moves. An interesting lower budget card for those looking to add some skill into your German teams.

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