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FIFA 20 FUT Birthday: All Past FUT Birthday Content from FIFA 14-19


With FUT Birthday coming to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team tomorrow, celebrating 11 years of FIFA Ultimate team, let’s look at all the past content we’ve seen released in previous FUT Birthday promotions, to get us ready for what should be an awesome promo! 

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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team - 5 Years of FUT


The first FUT Birthday type promotion we saw in FIFA Ultimate Team was way back in FUT 14, where we saw the Five Year Celebration of the mode!






For the first year of the FUT Birthday promotion content included: 

  • 5 Rare Gold Packs per account (untradeable).
  • The 5 year history and evolution of FUT.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team - 6 Years of FUT

For FIFA 15s FUT Birthday Promotion, and the 6th year celebration of FUT, EA stepped up the content that was released, offering a number of free packs during the event, as well as online and offline tournaments, allowing players the chance to win big coin rewards, as well as high value players.






FUT 15 6th Year Celebration Content: 

  • 1 Free Pack per day - 15K, 25, 25K, 25K, 35K, 50K
  • FUT Birthday Cup - Online & Offline Rewards - Chance to win big tradeable rewards.

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team - 7 Years of FUT

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team’s FUT Birthday Promotion was FUT’s 7 year birthday, and was the first time new pack offers and players were released during the celebration. In addition, free packs returned, as well as the very popular FUT Birthday cup, with incentives and rewards for winning multiple times.







FUT 16 7th Year Celebration Content: 

  • International Position Changed Cards - including ST Cristiano Ronaldo, ST Bale and ST Alexis Sanchez
  • FUT Pack Offers - New store packs every 8 hours
  • 1 Free Pack per day - 5k Gold Pack, 7.5k Premium Gold Pack, 15k Jumbo Premium Gold Pack, 25k Rare Gold Pack, 25k Premium Gold Players Pack, 35K Mega Pack and 50k Rare Players Pack.
  • FUT Birthday Cup - Online & Offline Rewards - Ever-increasing rewards, allowing players to win coins and big packs for winning the cup multiple times.

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team - 8 Years of FUT

FIFA 17s 8 year celebration of FUT was the first instalment of the promotion in which we saw SBCs feature, as well as specific FUT Birthday themed items. This celebration well and truly kick started the retro side of FUT Birthday that we know and love, looking back at past players that we loved to use in old FUTs.

FUT 17 8th Year Celebration Content: 

  • FUT Birthday Squad - Featuring players that were past FUT fan-favourites.
  • FUT Birthday Player SBCs - Including 91 Torres, 90 David Luiz and 88 El Shaarawy
  • FUT Pack Offers - Daily Promo Packs & Lightning Rounds
  • Repeatable Upgrade SBCs - Including TOTW Upgrades and 82+ guaranteed.
  • Pack SBCs & Loyalty Rewards
  • Daily Gifts - Earned by logging into FUT for the duration of FUT Birthday.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team - 9 Years of FUT

The 9 year celebration of FUT in FUT 18 stepped up the content another level from FIFA 17, bringing in gameplay objectives and end of an era SBCs, in one of the better promotions from FIFA 18.

FUT 18 9th Year Celebration Content: 

  • FUT Birthday Squad - Featuring past fan-favourite players, as well as position changed cards for new and inventive squad building.
  • End of an Era Player SBCs - Including 92 Kaka
  • FUT Birthday Player SBCs - Including 90 Rooney, 88 Van Persie, 88 Schweinsteiger and 86 Yaya Toure.
  • FUT Pack Offers - Daily Promo Packs & Lightning Rounds
  • Daily FUT Birthday Pack SBCs
  • Repeatable Upgrade SBCs - Including TOTW Upgrades, Base Icon Upgrades, 82-85 Upgrades, 84-87 Upgrades and 86-89 Upgrades
  • Weekly Objectives - Kit Rewards

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team - 10 Years of FUT

Last years FUT Birthday Promotion marked 10 years of FIFA Ultimate team, and EA went all out in making this a big promotion for a decade of FUT. With more weekly objectives and SBCs than ever seen before in a FUT Birthday promo, as well as tonnes of top tier FUT Birthday items, last year FUT Birthday was one of the standout promos from FUT19.

FUT 19 10th Year Celebration Content: 

  • FUT Birthday Squad - Featuring top tier position changed cards.
  • FUT Birthday Anniversary SBCs - Featuring 92 David Villa, 89 Vidal, 87 Esswein, 87 Doumbia, 87 Nani as Flashback SBCs, with 93 Robben’s End of an Era SBC.
  • FUT Birthday Player SBCs - Including 91 Werner, 90 Perisic, 88 Willian, 88 Lukaku and 93 Sergio Ramos
  • FUT Birthday Weekly Objectives - Player rewards including 89 Milinkovic-Savic, 89 Boateng, 87 Guarin, 89 Ibrahimovic, 88 Naldo and 87 Gervinho
  • FUT Pack Offers - Daily Promo Packs & Lightning Rounds
  • Loyalty & Engagement Rewards - Free packs for days logged in up-to FUT Birthday
  • Daily Pack SBCs
  • Repeatable Upgrade SBCs
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