Guilty Gear Strive Beta Community Review – Is upcoming fighter what fans wanted?

ArcSystemWorks, developers of the recent megahit Dragon Ball FighterZ, has returned to the Guilty Gear franchise for another 2D brawler – Guilty Gear Strive.

As you'd imagine, it looks stunning, but the community has some thoughts on the upcoming title based on the Twitter responses to a request to fill out the game's Beta Test Survey.

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The game's beta period has now wrapped up, and players are directed to give their thoughts before April 24 by filling out a survey included in the game's beta invite email, but that hasn't stopped players responding to the tweet with their hot takes.

Chief among them is a request for a PC beta, as well as cross-play between both PC and PS4 versions, as well as suggestions for characters that could appear in the game – suggesting that perhaps the game doesn't actually have its roster locked down yet, or perhaps looking to the future for DLC.


Many players noted the de-emphasising of Gatlings, the franchise's combo system, to be a shame, while some noted that the UI could do with some polish – although we'd imagine that's a given.

The main issue, however, seems to be one of connectivity. The game's lobby system has been almost universally derided, with many players noting the difficulty in even being able to play the game. Let's hope these issues are ironed out shortly!

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