[Rumor] Far Cry 6 Release Date Confirmed for May 25, According To Xbox Live

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Far Cry recently ditched the exotic locale for a more familiar, North American setting

The sixth iteration of the series has been showcased a few times so far, but up until now we did not have a release date.

Now, a new Xbox Live listing for the title has alerted fans that the game is being delayed again.

Here are all the details! 


Xbox Live Listing

Wario64 on Twitter has posted a screenshot of the Xbox store listing for Far Cry 6.

The listing has been updated with a new release date, which is now May 25, 2021.

This is a three-month delay to the original release date of February 2021.

No official statement has been put out by Ubisoft regarding the delay of Far Cry 6, but we can expect one soon.

Check out the store listing below: 

expand image

This delay comes as a bit of a surprise to players, as it has come out of the blue and only discovered via the Xbox listing.

We have not seen any gameplay of Far Cry 6 thus far, but we can expect to see some within the new year. 

Keep your eyes peeled on social media over the next couple of weeks, as Ubisoft may be keen to reveal the game more! 


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