Fallout 76 Steel Dawn: How to start the Forging Trust quest

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The Brotherhood of Steel has established a foothold in Appalachia, but for now their presence is a small one. 

To begin the main questline for the Steel Dawn update, tune into the Brotherhood of Steel transmission on your Pip-Boy’s radio.

Next, head to Fort Atlas, a small military base located east of Monongah and north of Wendigo Cave (northeast of the map’s center). It’s just beside the railroad tracks.


As you walk in the entrance, speak to an initiate named Russell Dorsey outside a small tent. He’ll tell you to speak to Knight Shin, who’s inside the base. It seems that you can only do this while you’re the team leader or playing solo.

Inside the base, you’ll find Shin talking to Paladin Rahmani near a laser-grid security door.

Once their conversation is over, you can approach Shin. But he’s not happy you’re bothering him. You can tell him Dorsey sent you, and that you’re hoping to help out.

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You can do a charisma check to win Shin over, you can lie about your allegiances, or you can ask him some questions.

Shin tells you your timing’s good, and that the order’s “civilian outreach” is lacking. He wants you to talk to some petitioners about what they want and act as a kind of liaison between the Brotherhood and the public.

Prove yourself, Shin says, and you can become an initiate.


Bethesda launched the Steel Dawn update ahead of schedule on Tuesday night, November 24, introducing the Brotherhood of Steel faction and new story quests to Fallout 76.

This builds on the new NPC-based foundation laid down by the Wastelanders expansion back in April.

Fallout 76, Wastelanders, and Steel Dawn are free with Xbox Game Pass.

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