Fallout 76: Easy power armor locations

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If you’re looking for a suit of power armor, chances are you just started playing Fallout 76 for the first time, or you at least have access to fast-travel to the vault where your adventure began.

A good rule of thumb for getting free, easy power armor at the start of the game is to leave Vault 76 and head due east.


You’re looking for railroad tracks and a location called Morgantown Trainyard. The easiest suit of power armor available at this stage of the game can be found here.

Just find the green carriage with a “USA Star” logo, and a crane above it, outside the main warehouse.

But let’s say, for example, that this Morgantown Trainyard power armor’s not there. If another player in this instance of the open world has claimed that one, it won’t be available for you — but you have options.

In this little patch of the map alone, there are six or seven exosuits in total, all within a short walk of the trainyard. Some of these will require some lockpicking; some are fairly out in the open. Either way, best to stay well-armed with a good shotgun or something.


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Consult the fan-made interactive Fallout 76 map here, click “hide all” on the left, and then find “power armor” under the items section. This will highlight all the known power-armor spawns in postwar Appalachia.

To the west, you can find a set of armor at Gorge Junkyard inside a locked green trailer; there are two more to the southeast, located at Mama Dolce’s Food Processing.

Directly north, you’ll find Eastern Regional Penitentiary, which has one inside a warehouse. And Grafton Dam, down the road east of the prison, has another. That’s where I found mine — but I went through a lot of shotgun shells to get it.


To enter power armor you find in the open world, simply press or tap the action button to climb into the exosuit and claim it as your own. Once you’ve done this, it’s yours.

Power armor takes up about 10 pounds of weight in your inventory, but adds carrying capacity when you’re actually wearing it.

If you stand outside the suit for more than 10 or 15 seconds, it’ll automatically be recalled into your player inventory.

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