Fallout 5 Should Return To The West

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Fallout 5 has the opportunity to do something different in the series. Since Bethesda took over, the series has gone as far from the west coast as possible. Yet, Obsidian showed fans how great it is to revisit an old home and see how the old neighborhood is doing.

It's been a few games; why not let fans see how the story between Caesar's Legion and the NCR played out? Better yet, let us see how the NCR looks in Fallout 5's timeline. The latter will most likely not happen, but we can at least hope to head over to Utah.


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Fallout 5 location

As mentioned in New Vegas, Fallout 5 would be set in Utah if Bethesda set it on the west coast. It's not Bethesda's style to make optional content canon as they believe preferences shouldn't be canon. In any case, Utah is close enough to hear about rumors about the NCR and to see the promises made by Caesar's Legion in New Vegas.

Many recall Caesar's Legion beginning to weaken and lose strength in the east. Caesar's Legion will have to make up for losing its leader and much of its power no matter who took the dam. Below is a video that explains further:


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Though I desperately want to return to New Vegas, we won't be able to as it is my hometown. Bethesda never makes anything a player does optional a cannon. Let's hope Utah is the next stop and the next stop for NCR and Brotherhood of Steel.