Fallout 5: 5 Factions We Need Updates On

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Fallout 5 will eventually be released very soon, which is good news. Fallout 76 was not the game many hoped it would be, and it wasn't meant to be. Fallout 5 will, however, be the sequel fans have been waiting for.

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Fallout 5 needs to reference or bring back a few factions that we would like to find out more about. I've written down five that I consider being the most important for the Fallout series.



Bethesda understandably moved away from the west to try and tell their own story, but the NCR is a considerable part of the Fallout series. Multiple times in Fallout 4, the NCR is mentioned, but I want a resident to come in and tell us what's going on. Players of the original games built the NCR, but the last time the lore was built upon was in Fallout: New Vegas.

It appears that all of the rumors about the possible location for Fallout are pointing away from the west. The locations that are suspected to be the setting of Fallout 5 are Alaska, Chicago, or perhaps even New Orleans. So maybe we can have a local going into another area to report the NCR's progress.


In Fallout 4, we recently formed the Minutemen, so this one is a stretch. However, there's still a chance of a reference, and that's all I really want. Many players will be interested in hearing that some Minutemen survived the events of the ending.


In Fallout 4, apart from The Brotherhood of Steel, the factions are the least memorable of the series. Minutemen players have a personal attachment to them, though it may not be a deep one. I would be disappointed if we did all of that settlement defense only for them to disband.

Caesar's Legion

As we learned at the end of Fallout: New Vegas, Caesar's Legion extended as far east as it could. Regardless of which ending players chose, Caesar's Legion still exists elsewhere. It was interesting to see how they survived as a people since the faction was one of Fallout's best. Bethesda will most likely destroy Caesar's Legion for several reasons. The original Fallout developers created them, and Bethesda's version of Fallout does not suit them. They are too dark & gritty. Even if Bethesda could let us know how Caesar's country fared, that would be nice.

Brotherhood of Steel

Another Fallout staple is the Brotherhood of Steel. There isn't a Fallout game I can think of that hasn't had a Brotherhood of Steel character. It's obvious they need their own faction in Fallout 5 since they are everywhere.


The Enclave

The question of whether the Enclave is alive or dead is a hot topic. It doesn't matter since their remnants likely formed other gangs and covered most of the country. Since the Enclave featured in Fallout 76, we need to learn what happened to them or their descendants.

While there are so many smaller factions in Fallout that should be included, it isn't realistic to work in so many. It would be greatly appreciated if Bethesda could tie up these loose ends. You can learn more about Fallout 5 and its release here: Fallout 5 LEAKS: Release Date, Location, Map, Multiplayer, Gameplay Details, Platforms And Everything We Know