Fallout 76 Steel Dawn: How to get the Fact Finder .44 pistol

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The Steel Dawn update arrived in Fallout 76 a week early, and it’s available free for anyone with access to the original game. The Brotherhood of Steel faction has established a small base, Fort Atlas, at the former Atlas Observatory. Hunger and thirst no longer punish players with health loss and modifiers. New NPCs and questlines await.

It’s a good week for Fallout players.


Fact Finder legendary .44 pistol

A new legendary .44 pistol, the Fact Finder, can be acquired upon completion of a Steel Dawn mission. You’ll probably want to get your hands on it soon.

The Fact Finder boasts “superior damage,” bonus damage to Scorchbeasts and Scorched, explosive bullets with “area damage,” and a 25% reduction to each shot’s VATS cost. It sounds like a beast.

After you’ve completed “Forging Trust,” the first of the main Steel Dawn quests, you’ll progress to a new quest called “Mother of Invention.”


Complete this one, and you’ll get your hands on the Fact Finder .44.

Mother of Invention quest

Once you’ve proven yourself to Knight Shin, head further into the Brotherhood compound and talk to Scribe Valdez. She’ll be the one with the clipboard, observing the large machine in the center of the facility.

Down in the lower levels of the base, you’ll investigate documentation about the observatory’s “Atlas Project,” run a diagnostics check, make some repairs, and eventually retrieve a “mysterious component” from the Atlas machine core.


The last step is just fighting off a small squad of security robots. Once you’ve taken them all out, report back to Scribe Valdez. She’ll reward you with the Fact Finder.

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Bethesda launched the Steel Dawn update ahead of schedule on Tuesday night, November 24, introducing the Brotherhood of Steel faction and new story quests to Fallout 76.

This builds on the new NPC-based foundation laid down by the Wastelanders expansion back in April.


Fallout 76, Wastelanders, and Steel Dawn are free with Xbox Game Pass.

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