When Does Fall Guys Season 4 End?

Looking to know how long you have left to unlock all those sweet cosmetics in the Season 4 battle pass? Or do you just want to test out some of the new game modes?

The season began on March 22 which gives the season roughly 2 months of playtime. This timeframe fits with seasons 1 and 2 being 2 months long.

Season 3 was extended to last 3 months however, this may be because the end of the season clashed with Epic Games acquiring the Fall Guys developers Mediatonic.

When Does Fall Guys Season 4 End?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 4 is estimated to end on the 18th of May, leaving players roughly 1 month to either return to the game or finish up from where they are up to in the battle pass.

Season 4 features cosmetics from the future, the theme is set in the year 4041 and the battle pass has increased from 40 slots to 50, giving players 10 more rewards than previous seasons.

How do you unlock and upgrade the battle pass?

Unlike most games that feature a battle pass, Fall Guys is free for all players. Of course, you still need to own the game which costs $19.99 on PC and PS4, and PS5. Once purchased you will receive every battle pass each season so don’t worry about needing to re-purchase every month.

Upgrading the battle pass is simple, to level up you must acquire “Fame”. Fame is rewarded for participating in games and the higher you place to more you get. Each season your fame is reset for the new rewards so finish season 4 while you can!

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