Fall Guys Season 4 Leaks: Release Date, Among Us Crossover, Levels, Theme, Trailer, Skins, And Everything You Need To Know

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Fall Guys Season 3 showed that the game show-style battle royale has some legs, and Season 4 is likely to be just as chaotic.

The first season since developer Mediatonic was acquired by Epic Games, it's clear that Fall Guys is just getting started, and this season has an unlikely collaboration in store for fans.

Here's all we know about the next season.

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Release Date

The beans are back on March 22, folks. It'll be called Fall Guys 4041, and will have a sci-fi theme, but that's not all.

What's New?

Ok, so we're some way off full patch notes, but we do know of a new mode called Skyline Stumble.

According to a tweet from the game's Twitter account, it involves 60 players, low gravity zones, forcefields, 'flippity bippities', chonky buttons and spicy light swingers – whatever that means. 

Check it out here:

Here's one of the S E V E N new levels from Season 4!🤖 Skyline Stumble 🤖⚡️ A 60-player gauntlet with Low Gravity Zones, Forcefields, Flippity Bippities, Chonky Buttons, and Spicy Light Swingers! ⚡️ pic.twitter.com/GR5Oe4dH1E
— Fall Guys 4041 🤖 SOON (@FallGuysGame)
March 10, 2021

Crown Ranks

Season 3 introduced Crown Ranks, which mean the more Crowns you grab, the higher your Crown Rank rises.

Players will unlock a world of curious and highly desirable rewards, including exclusive Colours and Patterns and golden costumes.

Theme, Skins And Costumes

This season's crossover is... Among Us!

Perhaps we shouldn't really be all that surprised – after all, we've had crossovers with Untitled Goose Game, DOOM, and more in recent months.




Fall Guys is only available on PC and PS4 at this time; with the game being the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game of all time.

The game is coming to Xbox and Switch this Summer, but that'll likely be too late for Season 4.

Mobile devices will surely receive the game in the future, as China has already been granted the license to develop a mobile version called 'Jelly Bean Man: Ultimate Knock Out'.



The new season will be free-to-play for anyone that owns the game.

In-game purchases may be present.

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