Xbox Series X And Series S: How To Create A New Gamertag And Profile

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So, the power of the new Xbox Series X/S alongside the amazing deal that is Xbox Game Pass finally brought you over to the Microsoft family?

We welcome you with open arms, it is Christmas after all!

All that’s left to do is create an account for you and each of your housemates and family members that want to try everything the green-machine has to offer.


Check out our guide on how to create an Xbox account and Gamertag below!

Once that’s all done, use your new account wisely by playing these hit new games!

How to create an Xbox Account And Gamertag

Xbox Series X/S

First of all, you’ll have to turn your console on and pick up the controller, easy peasy!

Look how sleek the controller in your hands is! Source: Xbox


Then, access the menu by pressing the Xbox button (the Xbox symbol).

Go to Profile & System, then Add or Switch, then Add New.

Now make sure you select Create a new account, this will create a new account...wild right?

Now just go through the steps.

Input your email address, choose and confirm a new password and then read and accept the Microsoft Service Agreement and Privacy when prompted!

Finish off by setting up your Sign-in & Security preferences and your account should be added.

Microsft Website

If you’d prefer to type using a computer or phone keyboard you can also go over to the official Microsft website!


You can create an account in much the same way here, and the process might even feel a little smoother given the typing advantage you’ll have.

Though, remember!

You’ll have to then add your new account to your Xbox Series X/S.

Check out our guide here on how to do that!

And if you picked the wrong Gamertag, find out how to change it here!