Xbox Series X And Series S: How To Download Your Gamertag To Your New Console

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If you’re like many of us and have been a long-time fan of the Xbox family of consoles you’ll already have an Xbox account.

You don’t want to create a new one for this console, you have a great Gamerscore total and you want to show it off.


Perhaps though, your family or housemates also have accounts they want to add to the Xbox Series X/S too!

Everybody's gonna want to get in on such ana amazing Christmas gift!

Here we’ll explain how you can download your Gamertags to the new console you have.

And once that’s done you can all enjoy these new games we recommend on the Xbox Series X!


How to add an existing Gamertag

More Gamertags for a new console! Source: Xbox

First off you’ll need to turn your console on and pick up the controller!


Then, access the menu by pressing the Xbox button (the Xbox symbol).

Go to Profile & System, then Add or Switch, then Add New.

Enter the email address and password for the Microsoft account the Gamertag is associated with and hit enter.

Be sure to NOT select Create a new account, as this will make a brand new account and not transfer your old one!


After all this, you’ll have to read the Microsoft Service Agreement and Privacy Statement, or at least confirm you have read it all and press the I Accept prompt onscreen.

Finally, set up your Sign-in & Security preferences and your account should be added.

Now you and other players on your console can enjoy the accounts they’ve had for years!

And if that Gamertag is now looking a bit outdated, you can check out our guide on how to change it here!