Warzone Season 5: Vehicles Have Been Disabled Due To A Game Breaking Glitch

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Warzone is nearing its seasonal end and we are coming up on the release sixth and potentially final season.

With the release of Black Ops Cold War in a few months, it is unknown how Warzone will migrate over.

Now, a new game-breaking bug has caused the developers to take action with vehicles.


Here's the glitch. 



Yesterday, InfinityWard tweeted out they are disabling vehicles for a temporary amount of time.

At first, this may have confused fans who were unaware of what was going on.

But content creator PrestigeIsKey posted some clarification into why they were disabled. 

PrestigeIsKey noted the following: 

"For those confused: there was a bug with vehicles being in a certain location and that would cause everyone in the Warzone match to get kicked."





The bug that is causing all of these issues is a wild one for sure.

YouTuber Quigster posted a short video detailing what the bug is, and how it works.

Essentially, players can take a vehicle and drive it outside of the map.

Once they do so; they are unable to get out of the vehicle and can drive around portions of the map.

Once they reach a certain point of the map; the game will kick everyone in the lobby out of the match.

This is a massive issue with Warzone at the moment; but Infinity Ward was quick to act to disable the bug!

Check out Quigster's YouTube video below.