Spider-Man Remastered To Get Ray Tracing At 60fps On Ps5?

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Fans on the PS5, those lucky enough to smag them, have been enjoying all the awesome new benefits of nxt-gen hardware!

And for Spider-Man fans, the experience could be about to get even better.


Spider-Man Miles Morales recently received an update that allowed players to experience both 60FPS and Ray Tracing at the same time, could Spider-Man Remastered be about to get the same treatment?

Here’s what we know!

Spider-man Ray Tracing at 60FPS

So there isn’t too much to go on right now, but as with so much gaming news we have a tweet!

— James Stevenson (@JamesStevenson)
December 9, 2020

James Stevenson is an Insomniac Community Director, so he certainly is worth listening to.


The emoji could just be a tongue-in-cheek tease but there’s the possibility it could mean a lot more!

This kind of update would certainly be possible in theory, though Spider-Man is a much larger game which could make it difficult to implement in practice.

We’ll just have to wait and see!

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What Is Ray Tracing?

You’ve likely heard this buzz word thrown around a bunch recently, but what does it mean?

Ray tracing is a technique which allows light in video games to behave like it does in real life.

Complex algorithms trace the ray of light as if it were reflecting and refracting irl!


This is a technically demanding process, so that’s why only next-gen hardware can pull it off.

It’s also why ray tracing can mean some games can’t play in 60FPS at the same time, though for Spider-Man Remastered, that may change soon!