Spider-Man Miles Morales 1.007 Patch Notes: 60fps with Ray Tracing Enabled On PS5

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales has just received a new update, and it adds just one thing: a new visual option.

By adding a new "Performance RT" mode, players can swing through NYC at 60fps while also being able to enjoy ray tracing for reflections and the like.


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Spider-Man Miles Morales 1.007 Patch Notes

New Features

  • Added new Performance RT option to Graphics Mode

The in-game menu has the following to say:

"This is an alternate version of the 60 frames per second “Performance” mode, adding ray-tracing by adjusting the scene resolution, reflection quality, and pedestrian density."

Essentially, the game drops the resolution somewhat to maintain 60fps while still including ray tracing. It'll also drop the quality of reflections and the number of pedestrians.

Early reports suggest this mode is actually running at 1080p and being upscaled to save the computational power for ray tracing.


No word on whether the option will come to Spider-Man: Remastered, though.

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"The relevance of this game can’t be overstated -- not just in comparison to our own cultural issues in the real world, but with the way it draws parallels to corrupt people in power," it reads.

"Miles Morales is much more than a game about being Spider-Man. It should be remembered as a game that inspires hope during trying times."