S1mple And Zeus Have Been Banned From Twitch

S1mple and Zeus, two of the biggest CSGO streamers, with connections to team Na'Vi, have been banned from Twitch.

Currently, there's a lot of conspiracies flying about as there has been no official statement so far.

It seems Twitch is getting into a bit of a pattern with no revealing reasons for bans, similar to that of Dr Disrespect.

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S1mple And Zeus Twitch Ban

S1mple is held to a high standard by the CSGO community, considered to be one of the best ever.

He recently received a ban on Twitch as did streamer Zeus.

S1mple and Zeus competed together in the Na'Vi team, winning many tournaments, Zeus has since stepped away from Na'Vi and CSGO all together in September.

This is the third ban both of them have been given, meaning they could be off the platform for a while longer than previously.

There has currently been no reason given for the ban.

S1mple was banned in August for jokingly using a homophobic slur in Russian towards his teammate Boombl4.

The reason for this ban was for "engaging in hateful conduct against a person or group of people”.

Zeus was also banned for using a homophobic Russian slur in April.

Due to this being the third ban for both of them, their suspension could last between two weeks to 30 days, possibly more depending on the reason.

S1mple Tweet

S1mple took to Twitter stating he has not been given a reason being his ban.

He took jabs at Twitch for the lack of action they have taken in bringing down scam channels impersonating him and many other CSGO streamers, doing fake giveaways.

“While I’m enjoying my ban we can all enjoy my other streams with ‘great’ giveaways that everyone can ‘easily’ win,” S1mple's tweet read.

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