CSGO: Source 2 Coming To CSGO Soon?

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We had previously believed Source 2 engine development had been cancelled due to reports linked to Valve.

Well, Tyler McVickers of Valve News Network has announced its actually very possible we will see it implemented in some way by the end of 2021.

Here's everything we know so far.

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Could Source 2 Be Coming To CSGO?

VNN (Valve Network News) had stated that community content for CSGO would have to be ported over, due to the development on the engine, Source 2 coming to halt.

The original base game maps and weapons would easily be brought over to the new engine but community map content would be a bigger challenge. 

According to Tyler McVickers from Valve News Network, the main aspects of CSGO were ported over to Source 2 but it was the rollout that was important.

McVickers said there could be public beta tests lasting as long as a year or two to help fix bugs and tackle the community content transfer.

VNN addressed what Source 2 could actually mean for CSGO, it won't drastically affect average players, though content makers will see huge changes in terms of tools, etc.

"The only major change you're going to see is the toolset, and unless you make maps for CS:GO, that's not going to matter," said Tyler.

"It's very possible that this will happen by the end of next year," he continues, "so unless you can come up with a really good reason as to why this needs to be released, maybe just wait for another Counter-Strike game, a couple of years from now."

Do you think its worth Valve porting everything over into a new engine?

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