Overwatch 2: Jeff Kaplan & Jon Spector Outline Future Overwatch League Plans

The 2020 Overwatch League (OWL) Grand Finals took place on October 10th and was the third championship match so far.

San Francisco Shock and Seoul Dynasty were the two teams to battle it out in the end, with Shock reigning supreme with a score of 4–2, winning their second OWL championship.

We had the opportunity to speak to Jeff Kaplan, Game Director and Jon Spector, VP of Overwatch League about the event.

Here's what they had to say about plans for the Overwatch League in Overwatch 2!

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How Will The OWLs Transition Into Overwatch 2?

What's clear is that the team is looking to make the move to Overwatch 2 as seamless as possible for the OWL.

Jeff Kaplan, Vice President and Game Director of Overwatch started out by saying, "We're incredibly partnered with Jon and his whole team and Jon has the availability to know what's going on with Overwatch 2 at all times".

The Jon he refers to is Jon Spector, Overwatch League Vice President.

"It's not only in regards to things like timelines" he continued, "but also the direction we want to take Overwatch 2 as a competitive game is going to be important and going to affect the league".

"We are very aware at this point of what decisions we make and how they affect the Overwatch League".

Jeff made the point that the developers are constantly keeping the Overwatch Esports team in the loop to make suggestions.

Jon went on to comment saying, "Everyone on the league side of things is really excited about that future date to transition the league over to Overwatch 2".

He reiterated that his team are always in touch with development about new features coming to Overwatch 2 and how it will impact the league.

Jon then finished by saying "We're making sure that we're thoughtful about how we make transitions at the Overwatch League level and in a way that works really well for the pro players and for our fans".

It's reassuring to know that the League isn't an afterthought to the team.

The development of Overwatch 2 seems to be based equally on the content and the impact it will have on the League.

We can't wait to see what's to come in the future for the OWL and look forward to hearing more!

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