Microsoft Flight Sim Players Have Discovered A Massive Chasm and You Won't Believe Where It Takes You

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Microsoft Flight Simulator has been one of the best looking games in recent memory, albeit at the cost of your computer's internals.

The ability to hop in and explore the beautiful world we live in is simply amazing for a video game.

Some players however have done a bit too much exploring, as a new glitch has surfaced!




Reddit user u/ReversedWindow posted a video on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Reddit showcasing one of their recent excursions. 

What viewers did not expect is the massive chasm that they dove into.

Diving directly into the madness, it seems to go on forever and is one of the biggest visual glitches to surface since the game released last month. 

At first, this is quite daunting, who knows what could be in there!

Along with the Reddit post, YouTuber Kwad Damage posted their own video showcasing the massive glitch.

It seems players are actively seeking out this chasm to see it for themselves.

Check out the video below.



Where Is It


Now, you may want to head out to this chasm yourself and check it out first hand.

To locate it, you are going to need to head over to Lagona Nova!

This is around the area the massive chasm is, but be quick, as it could be patched any day now.