League of Legends Tool Lets Players Reach Max Rank In Season 11 With No Effort

League of Legends has a game-breaking exploit and so far Riot have yet to respond.

It is not game-breaking in the traditional sense but is instead allowing Players to reach the highest ranks impossibly quickly in Season 11.

Here’s everything you need to know about the exploit, and how you can watch out for players using it!

Reach Challenger In No Time

Achieving the highest ranks in League of Legends is incredibly difficult, taking many matches and a heck of a lot of skill.

Though for some this season it isn’t as hard as it normally is.

League of Legends players have discovered a way to allow custom games to count towards their ranked level.

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LoL Youtuber Vandril was the one to find the exploit, but currently only a select few know exactly how it works.

According to Vandril, the exploit has existed for a few months, but it has only become popular since Season 11 started, with players reaching Challenger rank using the glitch.

The way it works is that players are able to farm easy wins and earn LP with ease. As Vandril explains:

“This exploit allows you to make custom game lobbies as ranked, and as you can imagine, that’s the perfect combination for match fixing. People created a tool that abuses the hole in the Riot system with the use of their API.”

The tool being used is currently on sale for around $240, so this won't be one you can just try out for yourself.

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What Can You Do?

Because these are custom lobbies, you shouldn’t have to worry about players flexing their skills on you.

And if you have reached the highest rank legitimately, you’re probably skilled enough to be able to beat these players no problem! The tool doesn't make them play better, just allows easier matches to count towards their rank.

On top of this, our advice is you shouldn’t use these exploits if you want to keep your League of Legends Account.

Riot are known to issue perma-bans for this kind of stuff, and this behaviour isn’t allowed in their ToS.

While they haven’t responded yet, they’re probably just trying to work out a way to undo the issue and work out which players need to be kicked from the game.

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