League of Legends Wild Rift Open Beta Hitting The Americas This Month

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The Open Beta begins for players in the Americas on March 29 for both iOS and Android.


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League of Legends: Wild Rift is in the middle of its Yordle Expansion, but players in the US will finally get their chance to hop onto the Rift very soon.

While the game is already in open beta around the world, American fans have been itching to jump in on Android and iOS – and they could well be doing so in March.

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League of Legends Wild Rift Open Beta Hitting US In March

Brian Feeney, game director, discussed the game's rollout plans as part of the Season 2021 stream late last week.

“We also know many of you are still waiting to play Wild Rift and it’s taking us a little longer than we planned to get it out to you all, so here’s an update on our open beta rollout plans for the next few months,” he explained.


“We’re aiming to start service in the Americas in March. We’re currently working on ways to make sure you get access to a bunch of champions quickly when you join so you can start building up your competitive pool. We’ll have more details soon and we can’t wait for you to start playing.”

As present, players can enjoy a rotating selection of champions as well as a small pool of starters, but it sounds like Riot is looking to help get players in the Americas started with a sort of "catch up" way of gaining new options.

“When developing Wild Rift, we aim to create an experience that is authentic to League, keeping things just the same when it makes sense," Feeney added.

“As you’ve likely seen, we’ve also made some changes to champions, skins and the map to make sure things feel great for Wild Rift players.”


The Season 2021 stream confirmed that ARAM (All Random All Mid) will be coming to Wild Rift later this year, as well as the game's first ranked season.

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