Hyper Scape: Mammoth MK 1 Weapon Guide - Damage, Mag Size and Fuse Levels!

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Hyper Scape is reaching its first-ever season and players are able to check out all the insane weapons in the game including the Mammoth MK 1.

Hopefully, we will be able to check out some new weapons when the season fully releases! 


One of these is the Mammoth; as it is clearly the best shotgun but can hard to master.

Here's a full guide for the Mammoth MK 1!

What Type Of Weapon Is it And How Should I Use It?

The Mammoth MK 1 is the only shotgun obtainable in Hyper Scape so far.

You will have no problem finding this weapon, as it is rather common; but with how crazy the encounters are in Hyper Scape, it can be difficult to decide whether or not to use this weapon.



This is one of the best aspects of the Mammoth MK 1, as it has some of the best damage out of all the weapons.


Thanks to HyperScapeFandom we are able to see all the different values of the Mammoth's damage, depending on the Fuse level!

  • Fuse LVL 0 - 105 Head/75 Body
  • Fuse LVL 1 - 105 Head/75 Body
  • Fuse LVL 2- 105 Head/75 Body
  • Fuse LVL 3 - 105 Head/75 Body
  • Fuse LVL 4 - 120 Head/105 Body


Mag Size

Unlike the damage Fuse level, the mag size of the Mammoth MK 1 changes every time you fuse the weapon!

HyperScapeFandom has once again provided us with all the different mag sizes!

  • Fuse LVL 0 - 5
  • Fuse LVL 1 - 6
  • Fuse LVL 2 - 7
  • Fuse LVL 3 - 8
  • Fuse LVL 4 - 9


Should I Fuse? 

Unless you are able to find enough mag sizes to get it all the way to level four, we do not think it is worth it to fuse the Mammoth MK 1.

The changes in mag size are not worth it, as you will more than likely not need seven or eight shotgun shots to eliminate an enemy. 


Secondary Weapon

Since this is a shotgun, you are going to want to take another weapon that is capable of firing full auto!


You do not want to be stuck in a situation where you only have one shot weapons, and cannot spray your opponent. 

Here are viable options for a secondary weapon: 

  • Ripper
  • Harpy
  • Hexfire