How To Start Immortals Fenyx Rising A New God DLC

A New God DLC has just launched for Immortals Fennyx Rising, though some fans are having trouble playing it!

If you are one of them we’re here to help you out and tell you how to get into the new content.

Here is our guide so you can get started in A New God now!

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How To Start A New God DLC

First off you’ll need the Season Pass.

If you already own it, great! If not, you’ll first have to purchase it from your respective digital store.

Next up you may then need to install the A New God DLC, as it does not automatically download for every player.

You should be able to find it in your digital store like the Season Pass above.

It’s just over 5GB so make sure you have the storage space, but you almost certainly should!

With that all done, it’s time to load up Immortals Fenxy Rising and the A New God DLC.

When the game opens head to the main menu screen and you should now see a box in the bottom left corner for the DLC.

Select it and you can start the A New God content.

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You can start it at any time, but expect story spoilers for the main campaign.

You may also want to unlock everything from the main game first as it all caries over!

But regardless that is how you start the A New God DLC in Immortals Fenyx Rising!

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