How To Get The Predator Cloaking Device And Turn Invisible In Fortnite Season 5

The Predator has landed in Fortnite, bringing death and destruction in his wake.

If you want to match this incredible hunter’s skills, you may also want to try out his tech!

Here’s how to defeat the predator and get the cloaking device for yourself in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5.

Getting The Cloaking device

As we said above, in order to get the Cloaking Device you will have to defeat Predator.

You can find him at Stealthy Stronghold though it’s more likely that he’ll find you!

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(Image: Epic)

We say this because Predator will likely be using his cloaking device and will be invisible.

Though you can try to combat this using Thermal FLoppers, which will let you spot the Predator cloaked or not!

On top of this, you’ll definitely need a buddy.

Predator is tough and with so many people trying to spawn there for the challenge or to snag his items for themselves you are going to have a hard time fighting him on your own!

Though once he’s defeated he should drop his Cloaking Device for you to use.

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How Does The Cloaking Device Work?

The Cloaking Device will turn you nearly completely invisible!

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(Image: Epic)

Anything you are wearing or carrying can’t be seen but particle effects will still show up.

On top of that, the invisibility lasts for a max time of 30s but can be ended sooner by swimming or by drawing a weapon.

You should get a warning 5s before you are automatically de-cloaked!

This could be an absolute game-changer in Fortnite, and a perfect opportunity to try and get a Victory Royale if you haven’t already!

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