Hashtag United's Tom Leese In Line For A "First Of Its Kind" Transfer

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There has been many a record broken in world football in recent weeks, including a british record transfer as Jack Grealish swapped the Midlands for East Manchester as he joined Manchester City in a £100,000,000 deal.

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And it's not just on the real-life pitch where record breaking transfers are happening, with a fan favourite from the virtual world set to warrant a transfer fee of his own.

A First Of Its Kind Transfer

Tom Leese - better known as Hashtag Tom - is set to leave the esports orginisation, as it has been confirmed that the club, who ply their trade in the Isthmian League North, have recieved two 'substantial' offers for their FIFA star.


Reports from SkySports suggest that offers for Leese are believed to be in the region of £50,000-£100,000, with their sources indicating that this would be a first of its kind deal within the FIFA world.

Whilst the figure dwarfs that of the record transfers in other esports such as League of Legends (believed to be in the region of $6,000,000), it is a significant milestone within the FIFA esports world, which continues to grow year upon year.


A # Revolution

Should a deal be pushed through, it would be yet another significant milestone in the short history of Hashtag United.

Despite being a semi-professional organisation in the eighth tier of English football, Hashtag have a huge following on social media, with their 220,000 followers on Twitter putting them ahead of the likes of Premier League newboys Brentford (210,000).

Their social media presence has made for the perfect platform for their players over the years too, with former Hashtag esports favourite Harry Hesketh closing in on 800,000 subscribers on YouTube, whilst

The marketability of the club has meant that they were always the favourites to be the pioneers of the FIFA esports world, and by collecting a fee for Leese, they will only be able to improve their facilities further to ensure they continue to dominate the industry.


What's Next For FIFA Esports?

Esports is growing at an expontentional rate, and milestones like this will only help to grow the industry further.

There had been murmurs of esports being considered as an Olympic sport in the near future, and should that be given the green light, there is no question that the family friendly FIFA would be near the top of organisers lists.

But as far as the near future goes, it looks as though there will be more scope for young, budding, FIFA enthusiasts to pour their time into the game in hope of earning themselves a big money contract.