Halo Infinite New Sandbox Details: Bulldog Shotguns, Damage Types And Unannounced Vehicles!

A new Inside Infinite post for January has given Halo fans a sneak peek at upcoming weapons and vehicles coming to Halo Infinite.

We still have a long time to wait, but that just lets the hype train build up speed!

Here’s a highlight of the new info!

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New Halo Infinite Details

One new weapon we get a closer look at is the Bulldog!

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The Bulldog (Image: 343 Industries)

It was first seen in a 2020 campaign reveal we got a few more details about the shotgun.

Quinn DelHoyo is the Lead Sandbox Designer and called the Bulldog “n exciting new shotgun weapon that is fast-firing and fast-loading.”

“We’ve found that there are a lot of players that want to be that ‘in-your-face CQC front-liner’ but have never had a more readily available, less powerful, but still effective, shotgun that allowed them to play that role frequently across the multiplayer experience. That is essentially the player story genesis of how the Bulldog came to be.”

Though fans of classic weapons shouldn’t worry, we also got to see models for classics like the Needler.

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The Needler (Image: 343 Industries)

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We also got details that weapon damage may change a bit too.

Human weapons have always been good at dealing damage to health, and Covenant weapons will rinse through shields.

The Infinite team want to expand on this but make sure the damage rules stay “simple, understandable, and sustainable.”

David Price is the Lead Weapons designer and further explained:

“Halo has already had a loose rule set with plasma weapons. We wanted to further define this ruleset, so players can have expectations of a damage type. Keeping the rules simple and understandable allows us to still have weapons with unique behaviours and roles.”

We’ll have to see what have changes happen!

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A Shield (Image: 343 Industries)

We also know that new vehicles are on the way, but those details are coming in the future.

Quinn DelHoyo said: 

“One of my favorite sandbox items is a vehicle that we haven’t shown yet, but I’m sure I won’t be alone with my favoritism once we do reveal it to the community. This vehicle isn’t totally brand new, but it has received a fresh coat of paint while awaiting its triumphant return to Halo.”

What could it be? We’ll let you know when we find out!

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