Fortnite: Where To Find Books In Holly Hedges And Sweaty Sands Quest Guide

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This week in Fortnite players will have to seek out books in Holly hedges and Sweaty Sands!

If you need a guide to find them all and complete step one Week 7's multi-step quest we're here to help.


Keep reading to find out where to look.

Where Are The Books?

There are six books in total, and even though the challenge says you only need five, we needed to grab them all so we’ll show you where they are!

There are three in Sweaty Sands and three in Holly Hedges.

If you’re quick, and lucky with circle placement, you can get all of them in one match so here they are.

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Holly Hedges

The first book can be found in a house on the North West corner of Holly Hedges. Head inside the house here and you should find the book next to a bookshelf on the ground floor!

Next up, this book is on the North East corner of Holly Hedges. This one is in the corner of a room on the ground floor.

This final book in Holly hedges is next to a fireplace in a house in the POI's South East corner.


With all of those grabbed, it's time to head to Sweaty Sands for the last three books.

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Sweaty Sands

The first book in Sweaty Sands is found next to a bed on the bottom floor. The house it is in is at the South East corner.

The next Sweaty Sands book is found between a bad and a kitchen counter in a house on the South side of the POI.


The final book is on the ground floor of Sweaty Sands' tall building, right by yet another bookshelf! 

And with all of those collected you should be done with the challenge!

The other quests from here are fairly self-explanatory so you should have no trouble at all. Good luck out there!