Fortnite: What's Next For Fortnite Esports?

Upon the conclusion of the Fortnite World Cup, with solo winner Bugha and the duo champions, Aqua and Nyhrox now crowned the best Fortnite players in the world, the competitive Fortnite community is now at a standstill. During the official Fortnite World Cup broadcast, Epic Games and caster Sundown announced a new competitive series titled "Fortnite Championship Series" the competitive community is now anxiously awaiting Epic Games next move. With pure speculation as to what this new series could be, the community is patiently awaiting what is next for competitive Fortnite. 

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With the recent announcement of the Fortnite Championship Series, there has already been speculation into what this new competitive series could entail. The way Sundown described it to the world was that is going to replicate the ESL Pro League format they use for CS:GO, where teams would play a series of online matches in order to qualify for a LAN Finals set at a certain date. Last year before Epic Games ramped up its competitive interest, they held two tournaments throughout the summer, one at PAX West and one at Twitch Con.

At the time this was viewed as a bright spot for competitive Fortnite and fans and players across the world were optimistic about what Epic Games could be planning next. At the time these tournaments did not include a global attendance from players across the world and the age restrictions set in stone by Epic Games, there was a lot of room for improvement. 

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Although professional Fortnite players have frequently criticized online matches, as the entire Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers were solely online, Epic Games may cut the number of online matches down to a point where we see more LAN's than online games. The Fortnite Championship Series was also noted as "every placement matters" this could also entail that they will host weekly qualifier tournaments similar to the Fortnite World Cup Online Qualifiers, where a certain amount of players qualify for a Sunday's Finals to determine the best.

Now, with this in mind let us rewind to last year's summer tournaments where Epic Games had LAN qualifiers or "heats" where a certain amount of players from each heat would qualify for the actual Finals of the event. Perhaps Epic Games is going to implement this format once again and take the 50-100 best players from every region over the course of a few weekends to qualify for a LAN Finals set to be held at PAX West and Twitch Con.

We do not know the full intentions of Epic Games and their competitive team yet but the future is looking bright for competitive Fortnite and players are looking forward to these future announcements. 

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