Fortnite Season 5: Where To Find The Mandalorian Camps

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It looks like Mando isn’t quite as stationary an NPC as first thought.

The Bounty Hunter has been setting up camps across the Fortnite Season 5 desert and is travelling between them!

We are here to show you where the current, and future, camps can be found.

Keep on reading to find out!


Let’s Go Camping!

The Madolarian can be found in quite a few different locations apparently, as long as he’s left to his own devices.

Fortnite Leaker @Mang0e_ has produced a map showing his different camp locations.

(Image: @Mang0e_)


The line shows the path from his usual spawn at the Razercrest to his first camp.

The other two markers show where he will be going next!

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What could this mean? Or are we just looking to deeply into nothing?

Probably the latter but that won’t stop us getting excited.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t turn into another Wolverine!

Thankfully no challenges specifically need us to eliminate Mando.

For now….