Fortnite Season 5: What Is The New Shotgun In Fortnite And How To Get It

Fortnite has introduced a new shotgun to Chapter 2 Season 5!

Here’s everything we know about the Lever Action Shotgun, and where you can find it!

What is the Lever Action Shotgun?

The Lever Action Shotgun appears to be pretty powerful!

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The new double pump? (Image: Fortnite)

According to the weapon’s in-game description, you’ll be able to blow the competition away.

“One well-aimed blast is enough to drop even the heartiest of foes.”

What this means exactly is still to be seen, but it strongly suggests that a hit from this Shotgun can rinse through a player’s health.

We imagine a headshot from the best version will knock out an opponent with full shield and health.

Let’s hope that it takes ages to fire again!

Though if you want to use this weapon for yourself, it shouldn’t be too much trouble.

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Where Is The Lever Action Shotgun?

The Lever Action Shotgun will be available in regular loot drops, so keep an eye out!

It could spawn on the ground or out of a chest so keep scouring the island and it should show up.

Just download the latest patch, v15.20, and you can start wiping out all who stand in your way!

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