Fortnite Season 5: Ballers, Driftboards And Golf Carts Returning!

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It looks as if three vehicles from Fortnite Chapter 1 are headed into Chapter 2 Season 5!

Leakers have found that the in-game files have been updated for them so it’s only a matter of time before we can zip around in nostalgic style.


Here’s everything we know so far.

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The Vehicles Rolling Back Into Town

The three classic vehicles which seem set for a return are Ballers, Driftboards and Golf Carts!


Will we cart off to Lazy Lake? (Image: Fortnite)

The Ballers are spherical vehicles with a plunger on the front which can be fired to sing off objects in the environment and propel around the map!

Driftboards are hover skateboards like in Back to the Future and Golf Carts are golf carts, what else did you expect?

It seems likely that these will drop into the game this season, given the Chapter 1 POIs that have already started springing up, though they could arrive in Season 6 instead if the Zero Point story continues further.


Perhaps as more rifts open up, more items will fall into Chapter 2 as well!

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The returning Baller, Driftboards and Golf Carts are sure to excite a lot of pro players, though hopefully the need for fuel won’t nerf them as much as the planes were!

This will also add much-needed variety to traversal, giving us more than just cars to travel around in!


With the arrival of weapon mods also on the cards, the coming seasons of Fortnite could be vastly different from everything so far in Chapter 2.

We just cannot wait!