Fortnite Competitive Integrity Update Chapter 2 Season 5

Epic Games have released a Competitive Integrity update for Chapter 2 Season 5.

These are rules and guidelines they expect competitive players to follow in matches, relating to usernames, play and other practices.

You can read the official site here, but we’ll give you a more brief TLDR down below!

Competitive Integrity Update

More Fortnite Players Eligible To Compete

Now competitors based in Belarus, Central African Republic, Congo (DRC), Liberia, Libya, South Sudan, and Yemen can enter competitions.

You’ll also be able to earn payouts for winning!

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Fortnite Macros

Macros, single buttons that let you pull off multiple actions, are defined as cheating.

You will get banned if caught.

Fortnite Stream Sniping

Stream sniping involves you using a third-party, like watching a person's stream, to learn where another player is or what equipment they are using.

Stream sniping was banned before, and it continues to be a bannable offence this season. Don't do it!

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Reporting Bad Behavior In Fortnite

If you catch any players that seem to be exhibiting bad practices, Epic urges you to report them.

You can use either the in-game functions or going to the report a player form here.

Support-a-creator Eligibility Risks

Epic is also reminding players that conduct outside of in-game actions could land them in trouble.

If you promote third-party vendors (anyone other than epic) selling outfits or accounts then you could have your SAC code revoked as it breaks Terms Of Service and the Creator Code Of Conduct.

Fortnite Account Name

Finally, Epic Games are taking hits at accounts using inappropriate account names.

Changing your name to one deemed inappropriate before a tournament will see you get disqualified and repeat offenders will receive permanent competitive bans.

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