Five Wanted Additions to Rocket League

Rocket League has taken the gaming community by storm.

The wacky soccer-RC car game is an unexpected but perfect combination of intense competition and endless fun. – Seriously, if you haven’t attempted to play Rocket League yet, go grab your friends and download the game. I promise you won’t be disappointed.  

The developers have even added a free new map, The Coliseum, in addition to promising the availability of paid DLC in the near future.

So, what else could we add to make this perfect game even more entertaining?

Here are five additions I would love to see added to our competitive shenanigans:

5. Themed Arenas

The current tracks are simple, but fun to play. I believe it would be amazing if we saw a variety of other themes implemented into the game.

Why not play Rocket League in a castle or in space?

Given the upcoming Coliseum map, there’s a good chance we’ll get more visual themes.

4. New Game Modes

Bonus game modes would also be fun.

Add a hardcore mode with track obstacles or limited boost? Respawn penalty for players getting blown up? Add multiple balls on the track related to each team’s colour and only have one goal?

The possibilities are endless.

3. More Car Customisation Options

Hats, tires, and antennas are great options, but why not offer custom emblems too?

We could then form Rocket League teams with our friends and create team logos to use as our flags or decals. We could also include the addition of clan tags.

2. Custom Game Mode and Track Editor

Speaking of endless possibilities, it would be amazing if players were presented with the option to set the rules of custom game modes and edit the tracks to add obstacles for greater challenges.

Imagine playing Rocket League with ramps and boosting up the jump? Or with traps that randomly open up in the track’s floor?

Perhaps even little customisation details like changing the appearance of the ball to resemble a beach ball.

There’s really so much you could do here to add even more laughter.

1. Video editor

Personally, I would love to see the addition of a theatre mode, allowing players to relive their favourite moments and most competitive wins.

You could even add the option to edit your videos and share them with your friends, capture clips from different angles and slow down that epic save on goal.

The montages would be incredible.

Of course, these are just some of the options that could make this awesome game even more addicting to play. What additions would you like to see?

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