Dragon’s Breath Sniper: How To Get The New Exotic In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

December 15 arrived with a special early Christmas gift from Epic Games, patch 15.1!

New NPCs have arrived on the island, new cosmetics, and even a new exotic weapon for players to unleash on their enemies.

The Dragon’s Breath Sniper.

Here’s everything we know about the sniper rifle which has just arrived in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5.

What Is The Dragon’s Breath Sniper?

A lot like the new Dragon’s Breath Shotgun, this weapon won’t just deal regular damage, it will also set them and wooden structure on fire.

This weapon could particularly useful at drawing enemies out from their base, destroying their builds as they put them down.

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How To Get The Dragon’s Breath

If you want to snag the Dragon’s Breath, you’ll first need to buy it from the right NPC.

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Like all the other Exotic weapons released so far, this one doesn’t just spawn on the map like regular guns.

What you instead need to look out for is the Blaze NPC.

They’ll spawn in one of two locations, making them a little tough to track down, but here’s where you can find them!

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Pretty spread out, one near Sweaty Sands and the other by Steamy Stacks, so hope you get lucky!

Once you talk to them you’ll have to shell out 1,213 Gold Bars.

This hefty amount will be a challenge to reach but grind out Quests and Bounties and you should get there in no time!

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