Fortnite Season 5: Operation Snowdown Challenges And Quests: Winterfest 2020 Challenges, Rewards And Guide To Completing Them Fast

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Fortnite's Winterfest 2020 event is arriving TODAY and we're incredibly excited!

As it's customary for a Fortnite event, a set of new challenges will be made available for you to complete with lots of rewards.


Update v15.10 has added these challenges to the game early so we can take a look at how to get them done!

Here are the Operation Snowdown Challenges

Operation Snowdown Challenges Release Date

The Operation Snowdown Challenge will arrive on the 18th December 2020.

A time is currently unknown, but we're anticipating 3-4pm GMT.

Operation Snowdown Challenges

Here are the challenges for Operation Snowdown (be sure to click the links for a more in-depth guide to completing that challenge):


You can see the cosmetic rewards below:

Photo via @iFireMonkey


You can see the rewards shown off in more detail in the video below!

In total, you can grab 210,000XP.

Challenges will unlock over time, meaning that not all challenges will be available at launch.