COD 2020 LEAKS: Latest leak suggests reveal will be in the Gulag!

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Modern Warfare and Warzone have just released their fifth and rumored to be final season for this year.

Players are busy checking out all the new content the game has to offer and dropping into one of the best battle royals in quite some time. 


With no official COD 2020 reveal yet, players are eager for anything they can find that may hint towards the new game.

Now, it appears a new code name and operator may point towards a reveal coming soon, in the Gulag!


Project Zeus

Call of Duty leaker ModernWarzone posted a rather cryptic tweet yesterday, which noted the following: 

“Zeus Reveal Gulag Area” followed up with "Zeus = #COD2020"

For those who do not know back in March of this year, TheGamingRevolution who is known for his notorious leaks among the gaming community noted that COD 2020 was codenamed Project Zeus by employees of Activison. 


With ModernWarzone bringing up this codename again, it appears something may be happening soon inside the Gulag.


Interactive Computer

In response to ModernWarzone's recent tweet, Twitter user Group935 posted an image of a new interactive computer inside of the Gulag. 

New interactive computer at the gulag
— The Righteous One (@Group935)
August 8, 2020

What this computer does is still unknown as of now, but have something to do with the reveal of COD 2020!



Frank Woods

It was revealed, thanks to data miners, in Season 4 that Frank Woods will be added as an Operator and game files have been found in the game.

Thanks to geekypasttimes, we can confirm that new voice lines have been added to Modern Warfare with the Season 5 update.

As reported by ModernWarzone, CallOfDuty has recently uploaded a photo of Frank Woods to their Instagram account as thanks for 10 million followers.

So, what does this mean for COD 2020 reveal?



All Comes Together

How they reveal COD 2020 is still unknown as of now, but based off all the leaks and rumors we have we can speculate that Frank Woods is going to have some pivotal role in this reveal

The Gulag could play a role as well, with the voice lines of Frank Woods being in the game; it will be odd if they do include him in the reveal to some degree. 

We will have to wait and see what they have in store for us in the coming weeks or days!