Black Ops Cold War: How Does Skill-Based Matchmaking Work?

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The Black Ops Cold War beta has now been opened up to PS4 players no matter if they pre-ordered the game or not.

Although the game has Call of Duty fans optimistic for the year, there is a hot topic trending since the beta released.


That of course is skill-based matchmaking; the controversial topic has sparked a lot of discussions.

But how does it work? 



Activision themselves have never officially commented on skill-based matchmaking being in Call of Duty or how it works.


We have known for quite some time it has been in Modern Warfare, and apparently it has been in every Call of Duty to some degree.

This was an on-going point of discussion throughout the Modern Warfare season for players, as it can be rather annoying constantly playing against good players.

But, we have seen skill-based matchmaking prevalent in other titles such as Fortnite and Apex Legends for years now, and it has received the same reaction.

Content creators are among the most vocal group when it comes to criticizing matchmaking; as it can be hard to make content when the games are always high intensity. 


Now, we can speculate that skill-based matchmaking involves the following aspects of your game: 

  • K/D
  • Win %
  • Score
  • Overall Kills

These are some of the factors we see other games use to determine your skill level.

This can go up or down, of course, it all depends on how you play over the course of a few days. 


It is still a mystery whether or not Treyarch is going to comment on skill-based matchmaking later down the line.

Since some of the developers have been vocal on Twitter regarding the game, there seems to be a better chance than last year!


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